How Does Film Confront Contemporary Indigenous Issues? Ivan Sen on Youth Suicide

Film is just an amazing medium, which allows you to collect all these different issues and let them manifest into something that’s digestible by a mainstream audience
Ivan Sen on the Currency of Indigenous Cinema

That’s a wrap!

In honour of the impending, nail-bitingly anticipated film, ‘This Winter’, we, at ‘We Are All Visitors’, believe it disingenuous, moreover counterintuitive, not to recognise, of dual-heritage descent, Indigenous Australian auteur Ivan Sen’s intimate, grandiose ideals, to willfully reclaim, and restore, a severed Indigenous Australian cultural heritage, or, rather, identity, as an ideal, albeit abstract, creative vision to harness this, or what sounds like, a raw, poignant but transfixing tale on the familial bonds that tie; the dispossession that breaks; and the suicide epidemic among young Indigenous Australian Peoples that binds because…

“…Young people feel it, old people feel it, and our parents feel it

Devastatingly, within Aboriginal Communities, such pandemic-level, under-reported figures of Youth Suicide coordinates a crucial requisite of Indigenous-led initiatives as a front of Aboriginal Suicide, where, as of 2016, 95% of Indigenous Australian Peoples in Australia are Affected by Suicide, since, as of 2011, 680 Aboriginal Peoples Have Committed Suicide; whether that be to Intergenerational Trauma, a major contributing factor; Incarceration, as well as Re-Incarceration; Family Breakdown; Racism and Discrimination; and Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Illness.


Age-Specific Suicide Rates by Indigenous Status and Age, NSW, QLD, SA, WA and NT, 2001-2010

Definitively, for all these reasons, Ivan Sen’s cultural sensibilities, of such true calibre, is, ideally, the perfect inclination for the suicide tale, ‘This Winter’, who is often fruitful in his endeavour to confront, and repair, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian tensions. Profoundly, at its core, to Indigenous Australian Filmmakers, contemporary screen narratives, moreover in practice, cultivates a culturally-sound respect and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians by virtue of a unique, supportive fuscous tradition to, howbeit extensive, chronicle their cultures, histories and communities in favour of, admirably, inspiring social change through an informative, yet entertaining, storytelling platform in the vein of Dreaming Stories.

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Thomas Joannides



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