Why Evaluate Educational Effectiveness of Indigenous Stories? ‘Little J & Big Cuz’

Meet Little J and Big Cuz, Two Indigenous Australian Children Who Live With Their Nanna and Old Dog. With Their Teacher, Miss Chen, the Two Embark on a Series of Adventures Within, or Beyond, Their School Life to Learn About Their Culture and Unfamiliar Scholastic Surroundings.

Entrenched in, howbeit didactically, cultural traditions, implicit educational foundations and engaging learning opportunities, animated children’s series ‘Little J & Big Cuz’, as a School Readiness Initiative designed to support effective, dynamic scholastic transitions for Indigenous Australian Peoples, serves as preliminary, yet tactile, ‘support beam’ for Aboriginal Children, moreover Elementary Schools,  in order to, under the intention of facilitating ‘readiness’, advance fundamental linguistic, numerical and literate skills; create effective, practical attitudes towards scholastic educational opportunities; to illustrate, as a resource, such systems of educations’ operation and expectation; and commission opportunistic, engaging educational prospects. That is to say, devised by an Indigenous Australian Creative Community, ‘Little J & Big Cuz’, by way of developing non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australian Peoples’ comprehension of Aboriginal Peoples’ cultures, histories and communities, acknowledges said Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ role in educating, supporting and, in effect, preserving Indigenous Australian Children’s cultural heritage, that on the oldest living, dynamic culture on Earth. This includes a warm-hearted, powerful scheme to re-voice the series in major Indigenous Australian Languages with concerned communities.

This, as a matter of fact, depends on the public’s support…

Innovatively, by virtue of its educational resources’ episodic, evaluative platform to support, engage and elaborate on thematically identifying Indigenous Australian Peoples’ epistemes, insights and spirituality, ‘Little J & Big Cuz’ aims to explore, as intended, such sensibilities in the Primary School Education’s Curriculum, mapped according to the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ and ‘Australian National Curriculum (Foundation – Year Two)’. Accordingly, in conjunction with The Dusseldorp Forum, intending to evaluate the School Readiness Initiative’s series’ impact on Non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australian Children, Communities and Schools, be that the, howbeit lasting, educational benefit of an Aboriginal cultural awareness, ‘Little J & Big Cuz’ needs to review its underlying intention (or, rather, purpose) in order to better guide the School Readiness Initiative’s effectiveness, and that of the series. That is, the comprehension of Indigenous Australian Peoples’ cultural heritage.

Stay Tuned for ‘Little J & Big Cuz’ in 2017! Spread the Word!

Have You, Dear Reader, Ever Misunderstood the Intentions of an Indigenous Creative?

Thomas Joannides


Image Source: https://rd.acer.edu.au/


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