Why Evaluate Educational Effectiveness of Indigenous Stories? ‘Little J & Big Cuz’

Meet Little J and Big Cuz, Two Indigenous Australian Children Who Live With Their Nanna and Old Dog. With Their Teacher, Miss Chen, the Two Embark on a Series of Adventures Within, or Beyond, Their School Life to Learn About Their Culture and Unfamiliar Scholastic Surroundings.


Why Analyse Impact of Indigenous Film? Kelrick Martin’s ‘Prison Songs’

Prison Songs, in vein of Brian Hill, encourages, as if by osmosis, a complex, yet talented, Indigenous creative community to attract, confront and, thus, enrich a non-Indigenous Australian audiences’ unconsciously festered, distorted understandings of Indigenous Australian Peoples.

How Does Film Confront Contemporary Indigenous Issues? Ivan Sen on Youth Suicide

In honour of the impending, nail-bitingly anticipated film, ‘This Winter’, we, at ‘We Are All Visitors’, believe it disingenuous, moreover counterintuitive, not to recognise, of dual-heritage descent, Indigenous Australian auteur Ivan Sen’s intimate, grandiose ideals as an ideal, albeit abstract, creative vision to harness this, or what sounds like, a raw, poignant but transfixing tale on the familial bonds, dispossession and suicide epidemic of young Indigenous Australian Peoples.

Indigenous Cinema: “I Don’t Believe in Being Limited By Labels…”

“They’re individual people in a minority. The issues are a by-product of the story, not the source” – Daniel Browning (2002) Indigenous Australian filmmaker Ivan Sen’s conception of ‘Indigenous Cinema’ is one that is characterised through “direct experience” (Bunburry 2002) to address a cosmopolitan, albeit networked, audience. ‘Indigenous Cinema’ is that of a cumulative cultivation of Aboriginal Peoples’…

How Can Indigenous Cinema Cure the Plague of Mass Media?

Indigenous Cinema, at its core, is shaken on account of non-Indigenous-controlled, -owned and -produced mass media coverage, whose reflection on, and motivation of, public debates (Jennett 1983) forms a dense record of secondary-sourced, social discourses of  Indigenous Australian Peoples (Bullimore 1999). Reinforcing this fortifies distorted representations of Indigenous Australians, including, but not limited to: the violent criminal; the ‘exotic’ other; the…