‘We Are All Visitors’…With Conditions of Use


Welcome to ‘We Are All Visitors’.

We, at ‘We Are All Visitors’, or, rather, ‘W.A.A.V.‘, encourage open discussions and invite user engagement through sharing opinions on the denationalisation issue of the intercultural reception of films in Indigenous Cinema to acknowledge and enrich a comprehension of Indigenous Australian cultures, histories and communities. Through participating in ‘W.A.A.V.‘, be that either on our WordPress, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, you are agreeing to the ‘W.A.A.V.’ commenting policy that includes the following terms:

  1. First-time users’ content, including posts, comments and links, will be moderated before being publicly visible on WordPress
  2. Abusive, racist, sexist, offensive, homophobic, transphobic, harrassive or profane posts, comments and/or content that attack, or target, individuals and/or groups will be removed
  3. Spam and/or off-topic, or irrelevant, content will be removed
  4. Factual content or comments on or from governments, organisations, academics and/or professionals must feature relevant links to said individuals’ and/or groups’ information and/or research
  5. Illegal, or questionable, activities will be reported to the associated authorities and removed
  6. Repeated violators of ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’ and/or ‘5’ will be blocked permanently

We hope to connect, and engage, with you, appreciating your cooperation, support and loyalty on our WordPress, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts

Best Wishes,

Thomas Joannides



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