DISCLAIMER: We, at ‘We Are All Visitors, or, rather, ‘W.A.A.V., are not descendants of the Traditional Owners of this Land, of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Instead, ‘We Are All Visitors, as a matter of fact, is a Non-Indigneous Australian-Controlled organization, championed for the purpose of mediating, through First-Hand Experience, a comprehensiveness, or understanding, of Indigenous Australian Peoples’ Cultures, Histories and Communities present in the pan-regional films of Indigenous Cinema, that which is an expansively-revolutionary resource to influence, however comprehensively, meaningful, Ethical Responses to Contemporary Indigenous Issues.

Be advised that ‘We Are All Visitor’s information, research and educational perspectives may not be necessarily, or, rather, unconditionally, consistent with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ viewpoints, whether that be the cultural implications of Indigenous Australian Peoples’ Storytelling Traditions.

We Are All Visitors’, while intending to monitor relevant, albeit present, qualities of information available on or towards Indigenous Australian Peoples, affords no guarantees, assurances or warranties on the validity, reliability and accuracy of the assemblage of information (or material) presented from an assortment of selected sources. However, we, at ‘We Are All Visitors’, make no endorsement or assurance of links by or for outside organisations, individuals or initiatives, referenced on part of ‘W.A.A.V.’s ‘Conditions of Use’.

Best Wishes,

Thomas Joannides



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